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7 Scrumptious Ways to Use Topping Sauces

Looking for ways to spruce up your tasty treats?

Looking for ways to spruce up your tasty treats? You’ve come to the right place! From timeless classics, to fresh, zesty combinations, here are eight enticing ways to add a sweet little extra to your desserts.

1. Not just any old ice cream

We all know that topping sauces sit perfectly on top of ice-cream for a timeless, classic treat, but why not kick it up a notch? Drizzle on your familiar favourites such as milk chocolate or branch out with some new and exciting flavours such as mango or banoffee. Whatever your vibe, there’s a topping sauce to suite every taste palate, and they’re also delicious on gelato!

2. Freakshakes, freakshakes everywhere…

Australian born, but now a worldwide Insta-trend, freakshakes involve taking your favourite milkshake and adding endless toppings to create the most insane and delicious-looking treat! Add literally any topping sauce of your choice, then go a little extra mile with some more décor and show the world your sweet-toothed creativeness. Give our fruity favourites strawberry or raspberry a try to add a tasty splash of colour to your shakes!

3. Waffley delicious

Guess what goes great with Belgian topping sauces? Belgian waffles, of course! We recommend the O.G. favourites for topping your waffles with, think choco-ô-nut, milk chocolate, salted caramel, strawberry or white chocolate for the most mouth-watering way to enjoy warm, sweet waffles. Why not try on pancakes, too?

4. Love me some cheesecake

Feeling creative? Grab your apron and step into the kitchen for this tasty treat. Topping sauces work great with cheesecake; top the entire thing with a delectable glossy layer for the ultimate dessert envy. We recommend banoffee topping sauce for this creation, but if you’re feeling fruity, strawberry would add a luscious zing too!

5. Sittin’ pretty on hot cocoa

The must-try for any hot chocolate fanatic is a topping sauce (or two!) added as a delicious extra on top of whipped cream, or even drizzled delicately around the glass before adding your drink of choice. We recommend caramel & toffee, or the classic chocolate topping for that rich, chocolatey taste. Take it up a notch by adding whipped cream and extra toppings!

6. Can I get ice with that?

Hot drinks and topping sauces are a given, but iced drinks and topping sauces are a match made in heaven. Think of a buttery salted caramel hit inside your iced latte, or even add fruity topping sauces such as passion fruit to crushed ice, and blend with fruit juice for an Insta-worthy, refreshing drink.

7. Brownies and cakes and muffins, oh my!

Go above and beyond in your next bake with a drizzle of topping sauce. Any desired flavour of choice sits perfectly on top of brownies, cakes and muffins, so let your imagination go wild! We recommend trying white chocolate topping sauce on top of white chocolate and raspberry muffins for that extra depth of chocolatey goodness, or even add a small amount of salted caramel topping sauce on a slice of banana bread for an ooze of flavour with every bite.

TOP TIP: topping sauces also work great when used to decorate your dessert plate, try a bit of mango topping sauce dotted elegantly around your mango cheesecake, for example!

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