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Category: Brownies

Callebaut 'Gold' Caramel Chocolate

Coconut Goldies

These homemade goldies are made with rich, buttery, gold caramel chocolate. The addition of coconut adds a lovely texture.
Perfect for tea-time and after-school snacks!

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Gourmet Triple Chocolate Brownie

Gourmet Triple Chocolate Brownie

Using a higher quality chocolate chip, such as Calleabaut’s range, you can level up your traditional brownies and make them even more delectable! We recommend using a mix of dark, white, and milk chocolate, as well adding some ground almonds for that rich, intense chocolatey taste.

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White Chocolate & Orange Blondies

How about trying some blondies? Blondies do resemble chocolate brownies, but the cocoa is substituted with vanilla and white chocolate instead of milk or dark. The quality of the chocolate and vanilla extract you use can make a huge difference in this recipe.

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