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A Guide to Making Chocolate Truffles

We thought we would post this Chocolate Truffle Guide in time for Valentine’s Day as there is nothing more special than creating a meaningful Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetheart. What chocolate lover wouldn’t be thrilled to be presented with homemade chocolate truffles?!

Chocolate truffles have always been viewed as an expensive, store bought indulgence, so the thought of making them at home can seem quite intimidating.

We at LemonVanilla wanted to share a secret with you; truffles ARE simple to make, need very few ingredients and require zero skill!

First and foremost, let’s define what a chocolate truffle actually is…

A chocolate truffle is basically ganache that is firmed up in the refrigerator, formed into balls and rolled in cocoa powder.

What is ganache? Ganache is simply a mixture of chocolate and cream.

What You Need

  • Double cream (approx. 40ml makes 10-12 truffles)
  • Microwavable jug
  • Plastic bowl
  • Teaspoon
  • 2 plates

Easy Guide

Make the Ganache

Making a Ganache

Pour the double cream (40ml per 70g of chocolate) into a jug and heat it to just before boiling point in the microwave for approximately 40 seconds. Alternatively, you can heat the cream in a pan on the hob. Timing will vary from microwave to microwave.

  • Place your chocolate chips or pieces into a glass bowl
  • Pour the cream mixture over the chocolate and allow it to stand for 3 minutes
  • Using a spatula, combine the chocolate and cream until you reach a smooth texture


Refrigerate until set for approximately 2 hours. You’ll know it’s set when the ganache is firm enough to roll into a ball in your hands

Roll the Truffles

  • Put the cocoa powder or the ingredients you are coating your truffles in on a plate ready to roll the truffles
  • Take a teaspoon of the ganache and in the palm of your hands, roll it into a ball
  • Roll the truffles in the coating and place in a plate

Once made, keep them in an airtight container in the fridge and consume within 3 days. Best enjoyed at room temperature.

TOP TIP: make your truffles different every time by adding your favourite liqueur, nuts, biscuits or whatever strikes your fancy!


See our Ideas section for our ‘Top 5 Favourite Truffles’

Confused about which chocolate to buy or still feeling intimidated by it all?

Chocolate Truffles

If you are a complete novice and want to just try your hand at truffle making, we have made it even easier for you by putting together a simple chocolate truffle making kit.(link)The truffles are easy to make by adding 40ml of double cream and each kit makes approximately 10 truffles.

We’ve created 2 kits, both with a 32% cocoa solids milk chocolate used by artisan chocolatiers to create scrummy chocolate truffles. The Milk Chocolate Truffle Kit comes with chocolate pieces to coat and the Salted Caramel Truffle Kit contains butter salted caramel pieces to mix into the ganache and chocolate powder for coating.

Have a look at the video below to see how we made our truffles!

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