We're LemonVanilla - your premium home-baking ingredients supplier.

Bringing you unique products you won’t find on supermarket shelves…

Our goal at LemonVanilla is to get you excited about all the wonderful cakes, shakes, desserts and chocolates you can make in the comfort of your own kitchen! Whether you’re looking for new ways to jazz up your favourite sweet treat, or some completely fresh ideas, we have something for you!

Our carefully selected range of products is perfect for enthusiastic home-baking and dessert makers and covers everything from chocolate, ingredients, flavourings, inclusions and decorations to chocolate moulds, accessories and packaging.

From the famous pink Ruby chocolate, to the classic homely favourites like honeycomb chunks, and even exquisite fruit purées containing 90% fruit.

Born from the home-baking boom…

LemonVanilla may be the new kid on the block but we actually have a long history in the UK chocolate sector. Our parent company, Keylink, has been the UK’s leading one-stop shop for pro chocolatiers and pastry chefs for 50 years. We’ve put our experience and know-how to good use in selecting products that are easy to use at home, top quality and versatile.

We want your LemonVanilla experience to be the best it can be, so we hope that you like our small pack sizes and our next day delivery on orders placed before 2pm, with free delivery over £25. We’re also AA-grade BRCGS certified for Storage & Distribution.

Happy baking and making!

The LemonVanilla team