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Sundae Toppings: The Kitchen Cupboard Essential

Sundae toppings are the way to go if you’re looking for a super quick way to enhance your favourite treats.

Packed with real fruit, and not too sweet, they’re so versatile and make a simple yet delicious addition to so many recipes. Here’s a few reasons why they’re a kitchen cupboard must-have!

Mornings made easy… and extra tasty

Did you know you can add sundae toppings to your everyday breakfast? If you’re a porridge or granola superfan and are wanting to try a little something extra in your mornings, simply add two tablespoons of your desired sundae topping flavour on-top to take your favourite to the next level! Try cherry on top of porridge, or apple, raisin & cinnamon on top of granola; it’s a real game changer to start your day!

Homemade brunch, anyone?

Not all of us are porridge or granola fans, but we’d be hard-pressed to turn down some flavourful French toast or a rich, creamy Greek yoghurt on a Sunday morning. Sundae toppings make a mouth-watering addition to many brunch staples and they’re so simple to use! For a mellow, sweet and slightly tangy taste, warm apple, raisin & cinnamon sundae topping gently, and then pour on-top of your French toast! If you’re fancying a lighter, sweeter option, swirl a spoonful of the zesty tropical fruit sundae topping into your Greek yoghurt for a perfectly balanced, moreish mid-morning dish.

Ice cream sundae bar

Weekend parties, BBQs, after-school treats, and simply mid-afternoon snacks, the ice cream sundae is a timeless favourite, and for a good reason! They’re simple to make, super tasty, and can incorporate a variety of flavours and toppings, making this dessert iconic. Real fruit pieces, and a rich, zingy punch from a fruity sundae topping really take ice cream sundaes up a notch, and make them appeal to not only children, but a more adult palate too.

We recommend trying strawberry and cherry sundae toppings on top of a creamy vanilla ice cream to experience that real fruit taste. Or, try rum & raisin on top of vanilla ice cream for a warm depth of flavour. Why not take it up a notch and construct your own Knickerbocker Glory for a nostalgic treat?

A moment just for you…

Ever get dessert envy seeing those luxurious mousses on Insta’ that are always topped with the most extravagant-looking toppings? Us too – but don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect plan of action! If you’re feeling like creating a masterpiece, and have time to, we recommend using our Callebaut mousse powders and whipping up your own creation in either white, milk, or dark chocolate flavour, and then topping it with a zesty sundae topping once it’s set!

But, if you’re short on time, why not simply add a sundae topping to a store-bought mousse, and still have time to put your feet up!

Whichever is your preference, for a timeless, elegant look, that’s perfect for the ‘gram, simply layer your favourite chocolate mousse and your sundae topping of choice in alternate layers inside a clear glass. You could even add a few extra goodies on the top; we’re thinking chocolate curls here! We love the idea of a white chocolate mousse layered delicately with cherry sundae topping, topped a few white chocolate curls. So good, you may have to make another…

Dinner party help!

Hosting a dinner party in an hour or so, and forgot to make a start on your fancy dessert? Don’t worry, this is where your cupboard-essential sundae toppings come in handy! Grab your favourite flavour and pour on top of a ready-made cheesecake, or one you made earlier, to achieve a fruity, creamy and delicious dessert before your guests arrive! It can even be a store-bought cheesecake, just spruce it up with the real fruity zing of a sundae topping, and your guests will think you’ve been constructing the masterpiece for hours!

A British staple

Is it scone or scone? Will we ever know for certain? Well, whichever way you pronounce it, enhance it! If you’re a bit sick of overly sweet, artificial jam spread generously across your warm scone, why not switch it up for a sundae topping? The real fruit punch of the tasty toppings complements scones so well and makes for a moreish treat, especially paired with a nice, hot cup of tea on an Autumnal afternoon. Sweet, but not too sweet, sundae toppings really bring an extra flavour to scones, and give your afternoon tea that little something special.

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